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Group Rules

Hello, everybody! This group is for unpopular Anthros that have been overshadowed by mainstream animals. Let's give them a chance in the spotlight, shall we?

NOTE: This group only features animal species that are underrated. It does not matter how many pageviews or watchers you have. Anybody can submit here as long as they are drawing unpopular species of animals. Please check the lists below to see what species we accept and those we don't accept. Please read the rules before joining or submitting.



-Anybody can join, regardless if you plan on submitting art or not.

-You don't have to be a member to submit to this group's gallery. But, I would appreciate it if you did join if you plan on submitting lots of pictures here.

:bulletpurple:~Submitting art~:bulletpurple:

-If it doesn't belong on Deviant Art, it doesn't belong here. So that means no porn. However, mature content is allowed. (both sexual mature and gory mature) Questions? Read DA's mature submissions rules.

-Since this is an anthro group, only anthro art is allowed. No kemonomimi please. Ferals are welcome here. And please only submit art. No photography, please. However, sculptures and cosplays are always welcome!

-We accept Original Characters, Fan Characters, Fan Art
Fan art characters must conform to our acceptable species rules
Commissions, Random Characters, Adoptables, etc. Basically any Anthro character is allowed, as long as it's Under Rated.

-You don't have to be an artistic genius. But please only submit your best works. Ones that you are truly proud of.

-Please submit to the right folder. It makes our job easier.

-Submission limit is 4 per day.

What do we consider to be 'under appreciated'? Well, lemme tell ya.
We also accept anthros that aren't animals; inanimate objects that are humanoid. (ex, like lamposts and clouds that are humanized.)

:bulletgreen:Animals we Accept:bulletgreen:

Most any kind of animal no one else draws
-Most Mammals and Marsupials
-Any kind of insect and arachnid
-Fish or marine aquatic mammals and Pinnipeds
-All birds and fowl
-Scalies, snakes, reptiles, dinos
-Primates (Apes, Monkeys, Lemures, etc)
-Hybrids, alien anthros, and made up species
(Hybrids must be predominately an Under Rated Species)
-Fantasy creatures (Example, a mer-aroo is fine, a mer-wolf is
not UnderRated
That is all the animals I can think of right now, I'm sure there are lots that I am leaving out. If there are any animals that you think are under appreciated, then please do tell me!

:bulletred:Animals we do not accept:bulletred:

-Domestic Cats
-Wild cats, like lions an tigers and panthers, etc
-Domestic Dogs
-wild dogs
-bunnies, rabbits, hares
-squirrels and chipmunks
-rats and mice
-ponies, horses, unicorns, pegasus, pegacorns
-mermaids (half human)
-taurs, anything that is half-human half-animal (like centaurs)

These are all mainstream animals. They get enough attention, so they don't belong here. If I have left out any popular animals, then please let me know.

:bulletpurple:~Other Stuff You May Wanna Know~:bulletpurple:

-A mainstream anthro or a human may be in the picture with the unpopular anthro as long as they don't take the focus away from the unpopular anthro.

-For hybrids, it is okay if the hybrid is a combination of a mainstream anthro and a unpopular antho.
(EX. a squirrel and weasel hybrid is fine.)
But please make sure that your hybrids don't resemble the mainstream animal too much. We must be able to see traits of both animals.
A wolf with wings is still a wolf, and not UnderRated
The hybrid may also be a combo of mainstream animals. But please make sure that it is easy to tell that the animal is a hybrid. Don't submit mainstream hybrids if the animals combined are similar-looking.
(EX, a squirrel and chipmunk hybrid would not be allowed because they are similar animals.)
(EX, a lion, rabbit, and dragon hybrid would be fine because the result would be a really odd-looking animal and that is what we like!)

And of course, hybrids of 2 or more unpopular animals are always welcome!
(EX, a lemur and cow hybrid is absolutely fine!)

If you have any questions about what we accept, don't be afraid to ask

-Want to affiliate? Great! send us a request! We'd love to be allies!

-Please be nice. No stealing from others. No trolling.

~If you have any questions, then please let me know! I don't bite and I don't bark~!


Our Allies~

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Gallery Folders

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Com: Violet by JunkYardRabbit
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Digital Art
Raccoon by LordDominic
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Skunkieeh by Alvro
Eighty Matey on the Deck by 7imothyC
Traditional Art
Secret Place by ARCR-CRic
Helping to cook by Gabrielianthenook
Aunt Mariana 2016 by Andibi
Naughty or Nice by Lycondemon
Sculptures and Crafts
Blastin' with high Class! by ASKABANIUM
RING RING Who's calling at this Time? by ASKABANIUM
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Mature Content

Portrait 1 Looking Classy. by ASKABANIUM
Mixed Media and 3D
A pair of showgoing coons by FangRat
Riza by Reja-Ni
Ninevahs in Color by Dustmeat
PotD- Chapter ZERO by 7imothyC
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Stamps and Icons
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Shocked intensified Skunk icon by FangRatPhotos
Intensified Huddo and Packba icon by FangRatPhotos
Angry Mordecai face icon by FangRatPhotos
[ Reference] Kleur 2017 by LadyKleur
Another Arkanivus Ref by X231
In the dark by FurryTiger
YCH round belly by Alvro
Cartoons and Comics
I drink and I know things by FangRat
Rhonda by FangRat
Let's go on a BETTER adventure! by Thyloguy
Billy the Platypus Strip 29 by SuperJeff62
Fan Art
Gazelle by Lau-Fey
Fantasy and Hybrids

Mature Content

Ablien'S Spinx Color by Orsonfoe
hey everybody, it is Edna here. Due to my very long hiatus from Deviant Art and art in general, i have decided to step down as Founder of this group. I have passed the duties of Founder on to LipsterLeo. He has always been very passionate about this group, I thank him for all he's done. And I haven't forgotten about my other wonderful admin. LordDominic. Thank you for all your help and support.

Please welcome the new founder. I will still be around as a Contributing Admin. If anybody is interested in helping this group out, please let LipsterLeo know. We could use all the help we could get.

Thanks everyone.

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Group Info

This is a group for under appreciated anthros.This group is dedicated to anthro species who deserve more attention. This is a group lets unconventional types of anthropomorphic animals shine in their own spotlight.

Thanks to RedCoaster, Skittycat, LordDominic, MrSman5, and Arnilo for giving me permission to feature their art in the Group Icon.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 24, 2012


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365 Members
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